Commercial Loans from 3.67% for retail, office and industrial freehold for investors and owner occupiers. Development finance for retail and industrial units.

Refinance of commercial property loans for better interest rates and expired loan terms .

High LVR up to 80%, True Low Doc from 4.90%, credit impaired solutions, lease doc for investors and short term finance.

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Commercial Property Loans  

Business Loans / Lending

Solutions for small, medium and large scale business operations. We work with the major banks, non bank lenders and private finance investors.

Most major franchises funded. Business with strong financials and longevity in the market place

Working capital and receivable finance also available. Specialty businesses will also be considered on a case by case basis.

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Business Loans  

Car loans and lease available. Includes light and heavy commercial vehicle. Commercial hire purchase, novated lease and chattel mortgage options available.

Leasing for medical and dental equipment, farm/agricultural, computers and office equipment.

Low doc options available for those entities with a strong asset base for car loans, commercial vehicles and equipment leasing.

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Car Loan & Leasing  

Commercial Loan Calculators

Online commercial loan calculators that can calculate interest only or principle and interest repayments. Total fees and loan costs are included in the calculation as well as the annualised interest rate. Calculate the total cost of your loan with this calculator as well.

Commercial Loan Calculators

Commercial Loan Brokers

We have a network of commercial loan brokers Australia wide to service your commercial finance needs. An experienced broker can work with you in your local area to find the right lending source and solutions for your commercial finance needs.

Commercial Loan Brokers

Commercial Loan Quotes

We have 100s of lenders and brokers Australia wide that assist you with your commercial loan enquiries. They can assess your circumstances, offer realistic solutions, compare loan options and help negotiate better deals for your commercial finance needs.

Commercial Loan Quotes

Interest Rates From Bank, Super Fund and Private Lenders

2nd August 2022 Reserve Bank of Australia Increases Cash Rate by 0.50%

Loan Type Interest Rate Lending Amount Security Type
Banks and Superfunds        
Variable Interest Rates 3.79% to 7.45% 50% to 80% Commercial Security Enquire
Variable 3.67% 80% Residential Security Enquire
Fixed Rates From 4.10% 80% Residential Security Enquire
Lease Doc Variable 4.19% - 8.25% 60% to 80% Commercial Security Enquire
1 Year Fixed Rate From 5.10% - 8.01% Up to 80% Commercial Security Enquire
2 Year Fixed Rate From 5.50% - 8.83% Up to 80% Commercial Security Enquire
3 Year Fixed Rate From 5.87% - 8.74% Up to 80% Commercial Security Enquire
5 Year Fixed Rate From 5.95% - 8.24% Up to 80% Commercial Security Enquire
Development Rate From 3.95% +line fee Up to 75% Commercial Security Enquire
SMSF Self Managed Super Fund from 5.95% Up to 70% Commercial Security Enquire
Private Lenders / Investor        
Variable Interest Rates 7.95% to 10.38% 0% to 80% Commercial Security Enquire
Fixed Rates From 8.35% to 9.95% 70% Commercial Security Enquire
SMSF Property Finance 5.95% 65% Commercial Security Enquire
Development Finance 6.95% to 9.55% 60% to 75% Commercial Security Enquire
Loan Type Interest Rate Max LVR Security Type
Banks and Superfunds        
Low Doc Variable 5.85% to 8.95% Up to 80% Commercial Security Enquire
Low Doc Fixed Rate From 6.79% to 8.54% 60% to 80% Commercial Security Enquire
Lease Doc Variable 5.15% to 6.25% Up to 80% Commercial Security Enquire
1 Year Fixed Rate From From 6.17% 60% to 80% Commercial Security Enquire
2 Year Fixed Rate From From 6.68% 60% to 80% Commercial Security Enquire
3 Year Fixed Rate From From 6.87% 60% to 80% Commercial Security Enquire
5 Year Fixed Rate From From 7.29% 60% to 80% Commercial Security Enquire
Private Lenders / Investor        
Low Doc Variable 7.15% to 9.90% Up to 80% Commercial Security Enquire
No Doc 7.50% 65% Commercial Security Enquire

Due to the complexity and many variables associated with business loans we are unable to publish business loan interest rates.

Please complete the online Business Loan Quotes page accurately as possible so we can assign a business lending specialist to discuss your business finance.

Please complete the online Lease Quotes form so we can assign one of our leasing specialists to discuss your finance needs.

Commercial Loan Quotes

Please Note: that the above interest rates are only examples. Interest rates are subject to change NOTE: Pricing and maximum LVR will vary based on the location, facility size, type of asset and quality of the overall transaction. Lowest pricing based on facilities $5M+. Please complete an online form so we can assess your commercial lending needs.

Commercial Loan Lenders

Here are just some of the lenders we use including non banks and private financiers.

Commercial loans in Australia consist of any type of finance that does not involve residential property. They consist of;

Commercial property loans involve the purchase or refinancing of established retail, industrial and multi residential properties. This includes the subdivision, development and construction of these types of properties.

Business loans for purchasing franchises, established businesses or starting up a new business.

Equipment leasing of motor vehicles, industry specific machinery and farm equipment.

Business banking products such as overdrafts and unsecured short term-lending.

For more information on what is a commercial loan?

Commercial loans compared to residential property loans usually require a greater deposit, have higher interest rates, higher, shorter loan terms and stricter assessments due to the inherent risk of financing commercial assets.

Generally, there is a 10% GST component added to the cost of purchase, however, this may be refunded if the entity is registered for GST or waived depending on the type and circumstance of the purchase.

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Interest rates for commercial loans varies significantly depending on the type of asset purchased. It all depends o the associated risk associated with the asset. Generally speaking commercial property interest rates are likely to be less for business purchases, unsecured lending or equipment leasing. Also, the greater deposit or down payment the lower interest rate due to the lower risk.

Commercial Loan Interest Rates

The deposit required for a commercial loan largely depends on the type of asset. Commercial property can lend up to 90% of the property value and businesses up to 70%. Some business such as medical or professional services are able to get finance as high as 100%. Again it all down to the risk associated with lending against the asset.

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The kind of loans include variable rate loans, fixed interest loans and lines of credit. These loans can be paid on an interest only or principle and interest basis. Most commercial loans have a term between 0 and 15 years; however, it is possible to obtain loans for 25 years for commercial property.

Commercial Property Loans

The types of loans include commercial property, development finance, mezzanine finance, business loans, equipment and car leasing, business banking products.

Full doc loans are available for those that can show 2 years financials. Low doc loans that do not need to show financials but prove payments can be made either vi an accountants letter and or bank statements. Lease doc loans are loans where the income from the rental property can service the loan

The main requirements are as follows;

A deposit. You will need to put down anything from 10% to 60% of the asset value

Affording the loan repayments. You will need to provide income details to prove you can service the loan. Self employed individuals/companies will need to show at least 2 years tax returns. PAYE can show as little as 2 most recent pay slips up to 2 years tax returns Rental income and other sources income can also be taken into account.

A security asset to borrow against. This can be a commercial property, a business, equipment's or other types of equity

This largeley depends on the type of commerial loan that is required. Commercial property can take anything from 2 weeks to over a year. Car and equipment leasing can take between a week to a month.

Depending on the asset a commercial loan can range from 0 to 25 years. After a set period, commercial loans are often revised and a new loan term is negotiated.

About Smart Search Commercial Loans

Smart Search Finance commercial lenders and brokers offer realistic solutions from hundreds of retail banking products to all Australians. All mortgage brokers at Smart Search Finance are Accredited Mortgage Consultants of the (MFAA) and of the Credit Ombudsman Service Limited (COSL) for home loans, investment and commercial loans. Servicing major capital and regional centers' in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart, Canberra and Darwin. We can also service regional areas in Victoria (Vic), New South Wales (NSW), Queensland (Qld), South Australia (SA), Western Australia (WA) and Tasmania (Tas).

Comparison rates are based on a $250,000 loan for 25 years. This Comparison Rate applies only to the example or examples given. Different amounts and terms will result in different Comparison Rates. Costs such as redraw fees or early repayment fees, and costs savings such as fee waivers, are not included in the Comparison Rate but may influence the cost of the loan.